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    I ❤️ Summer

    Can I just put out there to all fellow foot lovers out there, especially in the uk how great is this hot weather for bringing womens feet out I’ve seen a few this week that’s I’ve been wanting to see all yeaf long may this continue
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    How can I get my first footjob?

    Great advice, thank you being newly single it seems a long way off at the minute. Anyone I meet now I’d be reluctant to bring it up straight away really appreciate the reply though, solid guidance 👍
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    Do you fear being found out?

    But to her, she probably didn’t think twice about it, for me it was better than seeing her naked
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    How can I get my first footjob?

    I’m single again and I’ve still never had a footjob. Nobody knows about my foot fetish and I’m always too shy to take the plunge. I love seeing womens feet and I’d love that very first experience. It seems further away than ever at the moment though. Any help or advise anyone?
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    Holly willougby

    Love Holly’s feet
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    Do you fear being found out?

    A while back my platonic friend innocently asked me one night while visiting if I’d rub her feet as they were aching. My adrenaline was pumping, I loved looking at her feet but had never touched them. I agreed and she was very relaxed about it but I was certain I’d get found out being a foot...
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    How far have you gone to see a pair of soles?

    I’ve invited friends swimming or a day at the beach knowing they’ll definitely be bare foot, I also played truth or dare with a group of friends and got dared to lick my friends big toe. I pretended to be reluctant and not wanting to do it thinking they’d see right through my secret yet inside I...