Make a donation of a few bucks to help develop the forum
Hey !

Thanks to watch donate page, if you want upgrade your account to Leech or VIP and benefit automatically a instant access, look at here Your account > Account upgrades, otherwise you can give any amount via Paypal for support us.

Donation via Paypal, select the desired amount

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You can use the donation system to offer a account upgrade to someone, please, do not forget to write the username in optional note.
It will be manually upgrade after verification, this is not instant.

Don't worry if you have forget to write a username, just send me a MP and I will check it.

About Donations & Account Upgrade

All donations and account upgrade are reserved for the forum. To pay Jade (the dedicated server), licenses, mega shared folder, various fees related to the forum (plugin, SEO ..).
If all the expenses of the forum are covered with the donations, it will be possible to consider to invest it of diverse way,
the community will decide how, there will be votes. You will decide!
It can be by paying for custom of an foot model, doing competitions to win you somes things etc. When the time comes we will discuss!

I want to emphasize that I do not make money with the forum. I'm doing it just by passion.

Last update the 2020/05/25.

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    Jul 25, 2019
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