1. allietop

    Kendall Jenner Feet

  2. allietop

    Rosamund Pike Feet

    Risamund has yummy feet.
  3. allietop

    Kirsten Dunst Feet

    Lovely Kirsten has yummy feet that I would worship.
  4. allietop

    Kim Kardashian Feet

    Luscious Kim and her delectable feet.
  5. allietop

    Zendaya Feet

    Zendaya is perfect in every way from face to yummy feet.

    Mistress Kara Feet From Ultimate Surrender

    Chick from phony wrestling site Ultimate Surrender..."Mistress Kara". She has VERY pretty soles....plump, shapely. I was very pleasantly surprised by them. In this clip, she's rubbing lotion on her sole.... Enjoy everyone!!