celebrity feet

  1. crubsbaold2

    Marge Simpson

  2. Foot Fetish Artist

    i really love ♥️ Scarlett Johansson ♥️

  3. S

    Gal Gadot/ Wonder woman's feet

    I recently came across a video on youtube depicting Gal Gadot trying to grab something with her toes to escape from her captors. What would you do if you find her trapped in a room as she is trying to grab something with her toes? Would you assist her or would you exploit the opportunity and...
  4. KrisDakine

    Kate Beckinsale's Soles

  5. Feldpunitar

    Taylor Swift Legendary Sole Shot

    Hot damn!
  6. SteezyiBeEasy

    Kaley cuoco feet

    Kaley cuoco big bang theory actress
  7. M

    Celebrity feet favz

    a few of my celebrity favorites:giggle:
  8. Petrus

    Celeb feet mix

    Collecting pics of barefoot celebrities is what kicked off my obsession with collecting pics to begin with. I have 'em all from superstars to people who are lesser known. I only stick to photoshoots and only bare feet, which I find makes the "hunt" for pics more interesting. 1 pic per celeb.