painted toenails

  1. O

    How to market pics…

    I am starting to really want to share my feet pics with others. Where do I start? 👣 I’m all honesty I don’t even know what most feet lovers are looking for in pics. Can someone help me out? I want to create content people love and want more of. Can’t wait to hear your input 💋
  2. Wolfy

    Selling Custom FJ Clips, Crushing, etc.

    Hello, me and my Girlfriend want to sell some of her Feet Videos :) We could do Custom Footjobs or u can just buy the clips cheap, that we allready have. Alls Clips have never been uploaded on a other webpage, they are only seen by us. I got 100+ videos in storage and we are ready to produce...
  3. P

    Hello! i'm willing to trade vids for long toenails model

    hello i have my own videos i bought...willing to trade with email me [email protected] must be long toenails! thank you