Analysis of foot fetish


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Sep 4, 2021
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I just wanted to analyze myself yesterday, and I realised I didn't know why I loved so much feet. So if you guys have any hypotheses or testimonial to share: here is the place fiolks!! :) 🦶🦶🦶🦶🦶🦶
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Aug 9, 2021
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I think everyone has asked that question to themselves
From what Iv read there’s a deform in the brain n we see feet as pussy since when you close them together it resembles a vagina… some bs like that
But honestly I just love the way they look
Though I hate nude toes or short nails
Like feet that are proportional big toe to pinky with curve nice arches and ankle n not wide with fresh pedi of some kind and soft clean soles ( dirty is ok sometimes)
I’m more of a hybrid foot fetish dude or at least that’s what I joke with people who ask since I like woman’s feet to smell nice and be clean kept plus I’d rather be fucking her ass n have her legs up with her soles in my face than be sitting on the floor and just be massaging or worshiping lol
FF is pretty vanilla compared to a lot of other crazy fetishes… my one friends into hairy chicks who will piss all over him…
I can never walk straight since I’m always scanning the room for feet
I know about myself though I like to rub and kiss things so that prob explains something since I like to eat ass and pussy or feel tits or any part of the body through material
Dudes that like funky feet I’m assuming it’s just like dudes who like to smell panties it’s a biological thing where we can smell a woman n it’s her funk so it’s turn them on
I don’t sniff panties but it’s prob cus I have a weird thing about smells
Just like tits and ass they just look nice n dudes who say ewww or that’s disgusting are usually scared to admit they think they like them since there is a stigma that ff dudes are weird or creepy

wtvr floats your boat there really is no wrong answer
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