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Jul 23, 2019
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Hey, welcome !

Foot Fetish Forum is all about sharing. To get access and view all posts on the forum, you have 2 different ways to do;
Register with a basic free account and meet some requirement (detailed below) OR support us by choosing a paid account without any restriction.
You are free to upgrade or downgrade your account type later.

So, first step register to the forum, choose your account type.
If you choose the basic free, after your registration, go to the initiation section for share a few of your favorite finds (photo or video), minimum 10 should be good Forum > Access > Free Access - Initiations.
An admin or moderator will review it, the review is done once per day, so you need to wait. Or you can skip it, read below.

For help with uploading images and video read How to upload images/videos

Read the Rules before posting

You want a forum preview ? Look at Forum Preview

You can see also Groups Permissions to know what you can access with your account type.

Paid Account / Account Upgrade

If you want to skip initiation and get a Premium Access including VIP, you need to support the forum by upgrade your account here Your account > Account upgrades.
To cancel a subscription it’s very simple, you can do it yourself through your PayPal account, or if you doesn’t have it/need help, you can contact me in PM / contact us page, I’ll be happy to help you.

You can check the Donation Page for more informations.
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