My 3D creations


Feb 9, 2024
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Here I'll post some of my creations I did in the past and I'll do in future.

2D paintings
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Feb 9, 2024
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Long time ago I've written a little story with some images to illustrate.

Dangerous passion in the office

My fantasy-story happens in a small office-building in the evening.

There are two persons left in this house.
One is the employee called Candy, who has a really deep passion for strong stinking female feet and the other one is her female boss called Susan
who has those feet

Every day Candy is waiting for the moment when Susan is leaving. Then she can go to Susans office to surf a little bit in the Internet for foot-fun and maybe if she has great luck she also can find one pair of weared shoes which susan has left in a box behind the filing cabinet.

But at this evening Susan won't leave, so Candy decided to got to Susans office to tell her that she will now finish work.
As Candy comes in she noticed an odor like in a cheese-dairy. She saw Susan sitting very relaxed in her chair with one naked foot on the desk and the sole is showing into Candys direction.
Candy shortly stares onto that pretty foot which has a lot of sweat-crumbs all over the sole and quickly look into Susans eyes and said to her "I just want to say good night, mam - I'm leaving now."
Susan answered " Yes, but do you have a moment for me ? Please take a seat"


As Candy takes the chair in front of Susans feet she saw that one of her foot sites is shown on the PC.
Her heart is hardly pumping.


Susan: " As I came back to my office I've seen that there are some strange sites stored in my temp-folder.
Can you tell me why ?"


Candy is breathless and stutters " Ehm ... I .. eh I just .." Susan interrupt her " Yes, I know! And because of this I could get in really bad trouble ! What do you think will happen if someone else recognize that on MY pc is such an disgusting stuff.

Candy still can`t breath normal " Mhm.. ..... I'm so sorry, mam. I haven't thought about this "
Susan gets serious " You know what?! - I'm in the mood to throw you out of this company !

Candy " Please not ... I, I, I apologize,mam .. and and I'll never touch you pc again. Hand on heart."


Susan hold for a moment while she is smiling a bit and she said " You are a good employee. Your work is much better than from anyone else .
And for some reason I do like you. ...

I'll tell you what we gonna do now. If someone see that stuff on my pc, I'll say it was a e-mail bomb and I only can stop this
by clicking on some sites like this here on my screen.

And your part is to show me, first - how much you wanna stay in this company by doing exacly what I'll tell you, and second - how much you love to remove sweat-crumbs from stinky footsoles by just using your nose ! What do you think ?"


Candy freezes to absolute silence and nod with a shy smile .
After a few seconds Candy asked carfully " Ehm .. right now ?
Susan: "Are my soles too stinky for you ?
Candy softly: " No, no but if someone's comming in "
Susan: "Have you seen anyone else in the last two hours ?"
Candy: "no."
Susan: Then it's up to you to sniff or rub my soles clean - right now. But remember, don't use your lips or
tongue to wash them. I want you to use just your nose!"

Then Susan lift her other foot on the table too, take her glasses on the desk, lean smoothly back and close her eyes while she deeply breath out.

Candy gets half out of he chair and bend forward to be as near as its possible to Susans beautiful feet which seems not to be washed for a very, very long time. Candy smells a super strong odor coming from the toes.
Then she pressed her nose gently between the toes and start sniffing very light.


Susan: "Don't be shy! I know you like it!"
Immediately Candy sniffs much harder and it sounds like tearing a small pack of paper for more than 5 seconds.


Susan whispers " that's what I li... ehm wanna hear." Candy has a little smile on her face and take a couple of deep
breaths while rubbing her nose from the big toe to the tiny toe and back again and again to picking up the sweat-crumbs.


Suddenly Susan begans to moan " don't stop this, please don't stop!"


Candy takes short very heavy breaths through her nose and starts to moan too. She slightly open one side of
her mouth and whispers " I'll never stop! this is heaven for me" her voice gets louder on every word she speak
and between each word she took a heavy sniff " I love it ........ Thank you ........ thank you ....... oooohh my lord ...... thank yoooou ....... thaaaank .... thaaaaaank .... ooooooh .... uuuuh ... uuuuuh ... uuuuuuuh ...... uh .............."
Susan breath deeply too with short words " Don't stop .. don't stop ...don't... uh ... I love it ...uuuuuh ....
I love it ..." Then only a 8 sec long deep sniff and very short breaks of breathing can be heard .


Both bodys are twitching very hard many times. And then there is a moment of silence Candy and Susan breathing together very relieved.
Susan "For me that was the heaven on earth, Candy? .. I think I love you for doing that to me!


Candy "And I love you for making my dreams come true! your feet smells so ... I can't even find words for that!
I'm in heaven too, and I would love to continue .. right now.


She stuck her nose between the toes and starts sniffing and rubbing again. Susan leans back and has an overjoyed smile on her face.
They both gets many "happy endings" this night.
After this special meeting they see each other as often as they can. To make both dreams come true again and again.
It grows to much more than a simple friendship.

Happy End