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  • I'm trying to post this post and pics in the "free access - initiation" but it doesn't give me I can do?

    Hi to everyone...I'm focalized in candid feet and I have a lot of materials in this topic....start here posting some photos I took few years ago...


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    Hello @jollyblue78,

    This is strange, I don't detect any issues with the initiation section.
    Can you please try clicking on the next two links in the order below:
    Did you accept the rules that appeared before posting your initiation?
    Otherwise, exceptionally I review your initiation here.

    âś… Approved
    Welcome to you @jollyblue78 !
    Please try to post regularly to not lose your access, enjoy
    Hoping to see if my re-initiation is okay, I don't know if the rules for re-initiation differs from first time initiation.
    Thanks, man.
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    Hello @WillGibson, I just review it. It's ok but be careful to not post underage, I deleted 7. The rules are the same :)

    I would like to know if the images I posted today are enough to gain access to this board.

    Thanks !!
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    Hello @toes65, I just review it. It's ok, you have been approved :)
    Hey ! im new here, i submitted 10 my fav pics from internet, hope u luv them !
    Hello, you have been approved ! đź‘Ś
    Hey I messaged you with pics for initiation was I supposed to do it here ? Or
    Hello, the initiation must be posted in the Free Access - Initiations, not in private message. As I can see, you have doing this. I'll review your initiation :)
    Can I get access luzik I barely figured out how to post stuff but I already posted
    Hello, the initiation review is done 2 time per day. So, you need to wait the next review (y)
    Hi I wanted to know what innactive means, and how much time to be labeled as inactive. Thx
    Hello, Inactive = no post (new thread/message) / no react (Like) visible in Latest activity tab the last 30 days. The review of inactive is generally done the last Sunday of the month
    I have submitted photos. Please allow access. thank you


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    i just donated 4 bucks lol can u approve me now
    Thank you for your donation, I just upgrade your account. It's was not done automatically because you choose payment by deferred transfer.
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