1. moodyliz

    celeb assortment

  2. I

    Merrell Twins

    Veronica and Vanessa
  3. TLfeetlover

    First Celebrity Feet Crush?

    I was wondering who the first celebrity/celebrities were that you had a crush on their feet, and how? For me, my dad and brother were watching WWE and in this match, two blonde women started fighting in heels and ended up kicking their shoes off. I was fixated on the screen and one eventually...
  4. Foot Fetish Artist

    i really love ♥️ Scarlett Johansson ♥️

  5. I

    Cute n sexy Korean celebrity feet

    idk about you guys but for me, korean girls hit different
  6. Feldpunitar

    Taylor Swift Legendary Sole Shot

    Hot damn!
  7. Feldpunitar

    Emma Chamberlain - Barefoot/Toes

  8. E

    UK Actresses' Soles in the Pose.

  9. Luzik

    Ariana Grande