1. Feetrecords

    Sexy Legs and High Heels

    Sexy Legs and High Heels - An Exquisite Foot Fetish Picture & Video Set Indulge in your deepest foot fetish fantasies with our captivating picture set, "Sexy Legs and High Heels," featuring our exclusive Footmodel BlaqCat. Prepare to be entranced by 70 stunning photographs that showcase the...
  2. P

    Approved initiation post

  3. F

    Shoutout to Lambda Foot Modeling

    I came across this website and wanted to give it a shoutout. Really good stuff for free. https://www.lambdafootmodeling.com/
  4. 2

    Girl candid feet

  5. Tiptoe Joe

    What does it make you feel when you see a barefoot woman/girl?

    I think everyone feels a little different when seeing the bare feet of a (beautiful) woman: Some are aroused, others disgusted. I.m.o. most people don´t even care... For my part, it is a strongly intimate moment: Here and now I have permission to see THAT body-part that is normally kept hidden...
  6. F

    Trade for gf/wife/freinds any amateur feet i have plenty

    Dm me, email me, trade me yall lookin to talk to a dude or girl about our foot fetish, maybe vid chat,
  7. E

    My feet

  8. M

    Rie Takahashi's feet

    Hi!!! well I want to share some photos of the beautiful feet (in my opinion) of a Japanese seiyuu (voice actress) and singer Rie takahashi. You may know her for voicing Hoshino Ai in Oshi no Ko or Emilia in Re Zero. sorry if the quality is the best.
  9. Feetotd

    Bella Thorne

    Nut worthy for sure
  10. Kurokako

    Hi, everyone. Hello, my name is Kurokako, these are photo albums of my feet.

    I am an Asian girl currently in Japan. I have many hobbies, and I welcome everyone to chat with me. Here, I share photos from my photo collection. These are some pictures from Photo Collection 001, which consists of 348 high-resolution images taken with a DSLR camera. If you are interested in...
  11. Feetrecords

    BlaqCat Custom Video available

    Hello Fans and Members of the FootFetischForum We add a new Blog Post about our Offer to buy Custom Video or Picture Content from Feetrecords.com. This post is to advertise this option and we tell how easy you can buy exclusive stuff from us. We add some Pictures right here as example so you...
  12. F

    Anyone know who this Girl is?

    (NSFW / XHamster link warning) https://www.xvideos.com/video34152567/girl_in_glasses_smells_her_feet I ( and many others judging from the video's comments) wanna know who this girl is! Sadly this is the only video of her on the internet seemingly... I wonder if she has a name or has done more...
  13. M

    Private deepfakes

    Hey! if anyone is interested in getting a private deepfake then add me on dis cord and I will make you one ;) my dis cord is: soleslover. <--- the . is part of the name
  14. feet4feet

    It's hot here 🦶🏻🥵

    40°C = 104°F 🔥 For more content like this, check out my Onlyfans account: https://onlyfans.com/feet4feet 🦶🏻❤️ See ya ;)
  15. feet4feet

    It's hot here 🦶🏻🥵

    40°C = 104°F 🔥 For more content like this, check out my Onlyfans account: https://onlyfans.com/feet4feet 🦶🏻❤️ See ya :)
  16. Footman178

    Mature aunt feet

    Hello. Me 21 M Poland. I search someone who want make vid cumtribute on photo mature feet my aunt, she is 60
  17. M

    Deepfakes for feet content

    If you are interested in deepfake videos of someone you know in exchange for feet pics/vids of the person you want to have faked then send me a message and we'll discuss the possibility of a fake ;) All of it is private as well so nothing is posted or shared anywhere! I have already helped a...
  18. Germanfootlover

    Pics of feet & sweaty socks of my ex

    Hello dear community 😎 I hope you are having a pleasant week! I'm toying with the idea of sharing some special photos with you over the next few days, if I can find the time. 🤓📸 It will be a small collection of shots of my ex from her yummy feet. 🥵 Among other things, her sweaty and violently...
  19. Footlover53

    Foot massages

    Do you like to give women foot massages with their socks on or when they’re barefoot?
  20. M

    Mistress looking for a new long term sub boy

    Mistress looking for a long term sub to train for a very long time Kinks:humiliation,pegging,chastity,ass worship,rope play,toilet play,feet worship, CBT,anal,bondage,joi,cei,cum,edging, sissy training if you ready Kik me at mistress552221