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Dec 13, 2019
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I'd like to invite anyone who wants to participate in any way to become a part of a fresh new Discord server - Toes Have Soles.
The whole server is designed to it can showcase the models, connect them with potencial buyers, and for eveyone else to see but a tiny bit of what lurks beneath the surface of the server. This is no implication for anything dirty (except for dirty feet) as the server is SFW.

We have
#castle-lounge-stars, where we showcase weekly contest winners.
#social-media, where models can share their other media frequently.
#teasers-recommendations-suggestions, for everyone to post those.

And then we have the Castle Lounge, where all the weekly's take place.

#challenges for arbitrary challenges.
#colorful-toes for polished nails.
#natural for natural feet.

#the-stall for all the stink and dirt.
#never-dry for terminally wet or oiled up feet and
#sole-fest for all the beautiful soles you could ever want.

Last but most certainly not least we have the model private channels, where they post content and teasers and can talk with the buyers and other models. We also have our own secret
where just models hang.

For the duration of ONE WEEK this whole server will be open to everyone as a launch special.
After that, everyone will have to follow the rules for their assigned roles. The only thing that stays unlocked for everyone to see are the first three channels.

It's just another platform, I don't really gain anything from this other than at least attempting, for starters, to have more controlled and relaxed and kind environment.

We accept models and everyone else. We want to make it a lively community. So if you are intrigued by the idea,come check us out! We launch tomorrow.

And if this post doesn't belong here I apologize - there was no harm meant by this and just delete it if it's unfitting.

You can join and have a look here --> - this link expires in a day, so contact me if it doesn't work and I'll send you a new one.