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  1. Luzik

    How to share a video on tube site ?

    Hey ! For all pepole who want share a vid on our future tube site (, what method you prefer ? 1) Post on a specific thread: I'll create a specific thread with a short template that you can copy/past in reply and I publish it on our tube site. 2) Post on dedicated page: I...
  2. Luzik

    Done đźš€ Event: Brainstorming for our tube site

    For the development of our future foot fetish tube site (like pornhub, xhamster.. a videos tube without social for this we have the forum), I need your ideas ! Contribute by sending your ideas in this thread Help & Suggestions > Help us with your ideas, VIP Lifetime to win ! A VIP Lifetime to...
  3. Luzik

    Help us with your ideas, VIP Lifetime to win !

    Hey ! You have chosen YES to we launch develop our own tube site ! General Discussion > Our own tube site ? So, you know how I like share and interact with you, for this occasion we launch a special event, a VIP Lifetime to win ! I don't already know how many winner(s) will have, maybe only one...